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Sharon is the go-to logistics expert and manager for any of your trial support needs.  She is highly-recommended by clients wanting her every time they go to trial.  In fact, Sharon’s natural ability to make every move at the trial and the courthouse run smoothly is why the trial team chooses her to be the head of their Trial Logistics Department. 

Her past experience as a Law Firm Administrator, Court Stenographer and Paralegal combined with many years of experience working on complex litigation matters and her passion for handling the logistics and management of trial sites, ensures that every trial site runs smoothly.  She can provide your trial team with the best vendors of all kinds, whether it be off-site printing, catering service, dry cleaning and laundry service, transportation, hotel staff, travel agents, even a nice restaurant for team celebrations, making it all worry-free for the trial team.  

Her goal is to make sure the trial site is comfortable, functional, and safe no matter if the team is across the nation or international.  Sharon is a problem solver, a boost to the morale of the trial team.  Even making sure you have a favorite pen, snack, and whatever supplies are needed to make the trial site operational from beginning to end.  She has the foresight to make things happen in a pinch no matter how big or small.  

She is a legal beaver providing the team with what they need to focus on the task at hand to win for their clients.  I run a tight ship and I will never disappoint. 

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